The Oxford-Uppsala Programme

The Oxford-Uppsala Programme (OXUP) covers and promotes collaboration in research and teaching between the University of Oxford and Uppsala University. The 'Oxford Group at Uppsala University' (OGUU) represents Uppsala University in conducting present and subsequent contacts with Oxford University. The Modern European History Research Centre (MEHRC) at the History Faculty is the Oxford equivalent. The OXUP has been set up initially for a four-year period and involves a large number of individuals at various levels and with different expertise on both sides, including senior scholars, teaching fellows, postdocs, doctoral candidates, and master students. A wider range of undergraduate and graduate students will also benefit from the OXUP through the medium of specifically designed lectures and seminars (The Oxford-Uppsala Lectures/Seminars). The working members of the OXUP will be brought together at annual conferences in Oxford and Uppsala. The outcomes of the OXUP will be summarised in numerous publications, which will be integrated into the existing process of undergraduate and graduate education at Uppsala University. As a result of the planned collaboration in teaching, changes will be gradually incorporated into the Uppsala graduate and post-graduate programmes.


Maths Isacson
Uppsala universitet

Christopher Lagerqvist
University of Oxford

            Foto: Magnus Hjalmarsson

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Uppsala Centre for Business History

En internationell tidskrift ges ut vid insitutionen:

Economic and Industrial Democracy

An International Journal

Published by Sage in Association with Department of Economic History, Uppsala University, Sweden

Editors: Lars Magnusson and Jan Ottosson, Uppsala University