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Undergraduate studies
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Master's programme
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PhD studies
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PhD studies in economic history in Uppsala

Information on postgraduate study at the Department of Economic History in Uppsala.

The four-year Ph.D-program consists of course work comprising 75 points and a Ph.D thesis comprising 165 points, which is defended publicly. The courses, which are given in a two-year cycle, emphasize training in theory and method.

More detailed information (in Swedish) regarding the doctoral program and degree requirements can be found on the Swedish pages of this site.

The decision to accept an applicant depends on several factors: the applicant's formal qualifications (she or he must have read some economic history on the undergraduate level), the applicant's academic quality, the possibility to finance the Ph.D.-studies for all four years and the possibility to find tutors/supervisors at our department. The applicant should indicate his or her research field, in order for the department to be able to judge whether it can provide appropriate supervision. If not, the applicant is directed to apply at one of the other four departments of economic history in Sweden, one where he or she can get the best supervision. As well as transcripts, the applicant should submit essays or papers written for advanced undergraduate courses, as these form an important basis for assessing the applicant's academic quality. Applications are evaluated by the department's graduate supervisors. The decision to admit an applicant is made by the chairman of the department.

One other factor is the question of language. It is desirable that the applicant has a working knowledge of Swedish, because the required courses and seminars are mainly held in Swedish.

Here you will find more general information in English regarding doctoral studies at Uppsala University.

The Director of Graduate Studies is Professor Mats Morell
Tel: +46 18 471 12 17